Sands of Osirion

Day 1: Arrival in Totra

Festival of Peseshet

A group of travelers on board a ship drew near to their destination, the city of Totra, a trade and cultural center in the nation of Osirion.
Fizzlewick Wizzlefick, gnomish wizard and tinkerer, sought to establish trade connections and discover new and interesting devices in Osirion.
Pasha, a well-dressed and private man, has an interest in the politics of the city and country. At least, that is what he was willing to share.
Biff Diamonddeath, a dwarf with a dangerous scowl, came for the promise of fortune in the treasures of an ancient empire.
Ka-Haseid, a friendly half-orc serving as a hired guard on the ship, has decided that the sea life is not for him, or his stomach, and now seeks employment in this new city.

Upon leaving the boat and approaching the gates, the group submitted to the mandatory binding of their weapons by guards in shendyt with a ship icon, and proceeded into the city, where the streets were filled with people, food, music, and a general air of celebration. A quick question determined that today is the Festival of Peseshet, a celebration honoring a legendary healer-cleric from the city in the days of the ancient pharoahs.
Through the procession, an argument in the street, and some questioning (for those characters who asked), it is revealed that there are three major families in a power struggle for political control of the city’s votes on the Council of Sun and Sky in the capitol.

The travelers went their separate ways to enjoy the festival and settle into the new city, were approached with (possibly suspicious) offers of employment, and went to sleep in their separate inns.
They were once again brought together the next morning, by a hysterical widow pleading for someone to get rid of the demons in her cellar…


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